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Flexible Cannabis Packaging Solutions: Why It Matters

The cannabis industry is rapidly expanding. More and more states are legalizing marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use. With this growth comes the need for high-quality Cannabis Packaging Solutions that will protect the product, meet regulatory requirements and appeal to consumers. One popular type of packaging that has emerged, in recent years, is flexible…

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Thanksgiving Message

Wishing You and Your Family the Very Best this Thanksgiving The past couple of years have been rough for a lot of us, worldwide. Our world has gone through many changes, creating a big adjustment. However, as we think about everything, we are appreciative and thankful. We’ve been lucky to work with some of the…

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Premade Vs Form-Fill-Seal Equipment

Looking into adding automatic flexible packaging machines to your operation? You’ve been considering all of your options when it comes to machinery, perhaps even spoken to some different manufacturers about your business needs. Now comes a major decision: Do you want to manufacture and fill the pouches (Form-Fill-Seal) or use premade pouches (Fill-Seal)? Your answer…

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Pack Expo 2021 is in Las Vegas!

Las Vegas is welcoming the only live comprehensive packaging and processing event in the world this year, and we have a Free Promo Code for you! We are excited to announce that PPiTG will be exhibiting at Pack Expo in Las Vegas from September 27th through September 29th, 2021. The show is located at the…

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Packaging Machine Maintenance: 5 Expert Tips

Proper packaging machine maintenance is critical to the longevity and performance of your packaging machinery. A well-maintained machine will serve you and your operations for many years to come. Below are 5 expert tips for proper packaging machine maintenance. 1. Packaging Machine Maintenance Preventive Schedule Preventive maintenance is the number one step for proper packaging…

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5 Points for Selecting a Packaging Machine

Selecting a packaging machine can be tough. If this is your first investment in packaging automation, you might not need to spring for the big guns just yet. So don’t be intimidated and think that bigger is always better. Start where you can, and allow yourself time to grow. While selecting a packaging machine, it…

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5-Step Beginner’s Packaging Guide for Legal Cannabis

Cannabis Packaging

Automated packaging systems not only increases your packaging productivity but it reduces labor cost and product give-away (this stuff is expensive). This results in more efficient and cost-effective production. Packaging automation will keep your product fresher for longer, allow for a plethora of marketing options, incorporate child-resistant features per state laws and better represent your…

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We miss you!

Fill Seal

Hey, everyone! It’s been a while! We miss you and miss seeing you all at trade shows and hope you and your family have stayed safe and healthy during these insane times! At K-Flex, we’ve been optimizing and improving our equipment and adapting to the times with virtual tours and FATs (Factory Acceptance Tests). In…

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