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Dairy Packaging

Center Fitment Pouch Packaging
Center Fitment Pouch Packaging

K-Flex loves cheese! Dairy Packaging companies across the globe rely on K-Flex partners for their ultra-clean, USDA 3A standards. 

From yogurt to sour cream and shredded cheese to formula, K-Flex has packaging equipment with the highest sanitary specifications, speeds, and efficiencies in the industry. Having been chosen by the largest dairy companies in the world, for multiple years and machines, we know we’re doing something right!

K-flex Packaging provides high-quality form-fill-seal dairy packaging machines specially designed for manufacturers of cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products. K-flex offers efficient and reliable systems to ensure all dairy products are packaged with care in a clean and safe environment.

Find the right machine for Dairy Packaging

Dairy Packaging Options

Expanding your market by using a dairy packaging machine for highly-convenient packaging format to offer retail consumers a range of options. Including: portable cheese pouches for camping and picnicking; resealable multi-serve cheese pouches; and trial-size pouches that enable sampling. Pouch packaging is lightweight with a compact design that leaves far less weight behind than bulky glass bottles, making them perfect for offering cheese in vending settings and places like cruise ships and airlines. 

Stand-Up Pouches for shredded cheese

Our equipment has proven itself in the cheese and yogurt industry with some of the biggest brands in the world. Whether you want a 40 pouch per minute premade pouch line or a high speed, 400 pouch per minute turn-key system, we are ready to discuss your options. Engineered to protect your cheese and consumers, we have the highest hygienic standards in the industry. 

Dairy Packaging Pouch

Pouches provide

  • Longer shelf life
  • Desiccants and Gas Flush to keep oxygen out and prolong your shelf-life
  • Versatility to deliver your cheese anywhere
  • Solutions that minimize your environmental impact and leave less packaging waste behind

Why choose flexible packaging for dairy?

Differentiate Your Brand
  • Extended freshness and longer shelf life once opened
  • Discover new uses for products in a wide range of global markets
Save and Streamline
  • Provides cost improvement and security of supply while optimizing logistics
  • Streamlines workflow and improves product yields
  • Less in-process waste greenhouse gas emissions
  • Barrier film solutions feature mono-layer technologies that simplify recycling processes
Aseptic Technology
  • Lightweight products with an excellent product-to-packaging ratio
  • Solutions that help lower your product’s overall carbon footprint
  • Aseptic packaging technology for clean label, preservative-free products
  • Packaging that collapses as it’s used, leaving minimal waste for landfills
  • A growing number of recyclable flexible packaging solutions
Consumer Friendly
  • Convenient, ergonomic designs for consumers of all ages and abilities
  • “Get it all out” packaging so nothing is wasted
Enable Ecommerce
  • Reduce risk of damage in transit with SIOC-certified packaging options
  • Reduced touches throughout the supply chain
  • Closed-loop systems eliminate contact exposure
  • Minimizes mixing errors and cross contamination during use with precise and consistent dispensing
Protects Quality
  • Quality packaging for quality Food Products
  • In-depth study and analysis of packaging performance
  • Improve barrier properties with reduced amount of material usage

Types of Dairy Packaging Machine Solutions

Like most products, everything comes in its own unique size and shape as well as its own unique needs for packaging visibility. Depending on your dairy needs, we have you covered! For single-serving packaging, we offer stickpack & sachet equipment. For shredded cheese or powder dairy items, the PSG LEE, premade pouch machine is your best choice. Finally, if you have a product that might require a center spout or are just looking for the highest speeds, then the SN Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal machine is just for you!

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