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Packaging Non-Food Products

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image | Pouch Packaging Machines | K-Flex Packaging Systems with PPi Technologies

Finding the right packaging machine is an essential aspect of getting your product market. K-Flex provides a wide variety of options when it comes to the competitive game. Machines for corner-fitment stand-up pouches, center-fitment stand-up pouches, and stand-up pouches are some of the best and most optimal choices for packaging their non-food products. Some non-food packaging that K-Flex is experienced with helping are:

  • pharmaceuticals
  • personal care
  • automotive
  • office supplies
  • electricals

Machines for NON FOOD PRODUCTS packing

We provide complete non-food packaging systems for all your packaging needs.

Special packs
image | Pouch Packaging Machines | K-Flex Packaging Systems with PPi Technologies
  • There are, on average, 30,000 auto parts in a car
  • The U.S. pharmaceutical industry is the biggest industry in the world
  • Personal care products could be made with over 10,000 chemical ingredients
  • The average person uses 9 non food products daily
  • Synthetic motor oil protects your vehicle under extreme conditions

Non Food Products Industry Shopping Habits

How a product looks will capture the consumer's attention compared to competitors. Product packaging is important because no two products are exactly alike, and making your product look different and appeal more to the customer's eye will improve sales overall.

Providing reasoning for why the customer needs your product helps as well; if a customer is coming into the store, they're looking for the best product that will help them in their crisis.

The packaging solutions that K-Flex offers are sustainable, dependable, eco-friendly, consumer-friendly, and affordable. The stand-up pouch with or without a zipper, corner fitment, or center fitment are all good options because stores can easily stock a large quantity of the product on their shelves.

Trending in Non Food Products Industry

Corner-fitment stand-up pouches are starting to show a growth in popularity and can be useful for Motor oil, cleaning liquids, or medical solutions. Center-fitment stand-up pouches are also suitable for containing liquids and other non-food items.

The regular stand-up pouch can often be ideal for holding items such as laundry detergent pods or beauty and health products such as bath bombs or bath salts.

Why should you choose any of these packaging options? These options are the best solutions for containing your product and making transportation and storage easier.

Best non food packaging products

    • Auto parts
      - Motor oil
      - Brake fluid
      - Power steering fluid
    • Pharmaceuticals
      - Medicines
      - Supplies
    • Health and personal care
      - Laundry detergent
      - Hand sanitizer

How does this impact you?

K-flex’s packaging options are most optimal for companies looking for ways to package. The center-fitment pouch, corner-fitment pouch, and stand-up pouch are made to be consumer-friendly, sustainable, and reduce the risk of damage from transportation and storage. Products are more at risk of damage through a poorly made process, which is why choosing the right packaging machine for your purpose is important.

These products being consumer-friendly makes it more convenient for the consumer to just walk into the store and buy the product. K-Flex’s packaging is also good for the environment, the packaging is user-friendly, which eliminates glugging, splashing, and spilling. With less product spilling out of the packaging, it helps the environment because the product could contain harmful substances and chemicals that could possibly be harmful to the earth or the environment.

Types of Non Food Products Packaging Machine Solutions

There is a wide variety of options when it comes to figuring out which way you would like to package your product. The PSG LEE: Premade pouch packaging machine fills both the standard stand-up pouch and the center-fitment stand-up pouch. This machine runs fast and gets the product sealed airtight and ready to go for shipping. The center-fitment stand-up pouch is filled by the SN: Horizontal Form Fill seal packaging machine.

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