PSG LEE: PREMADE POUCH Packaging Machine

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PSG Lee Premade Pouch Packaging Machine

The PSG LEE Premade Pouch Packaging Machine is ideal for co-packers and any company looking for:

  • production flexibility
  • high speeds
  • high efficiencies

Using premade pouches allows for the most premium quality in the finished pouch look, while giving you the maximum amount of flexibility (changeover via the touchscreen in minutes)!

Ultimate Flexibility
  • Automatic Quick Changeover in minutes via Touchscreen
  • Runs a variety of premade pouches without any change parts
  • Troubleshooting Via Touchscreen
  • Large Pouch Size Ranges
  • Extra stations for multiple dumps, desiccant/scoop insertion or other processes
  • 30 - 180 Pouches per Minute (Simplex / Duplex / Quadro)
  • All Models Available in Wash Down Specification and/or Opposite Hand Configuration
  • Easy integration with any filler or scale
Highly Efficient
  • Patented Flexible Fill Funnel eliminates bridging
  • Patented Diving Mechanical Zipper Opening Fingers ensure every zipper opens
  • Reject Station for unopened or unfilled pouches ensures that no pouch is wasted
  • No Pouch / No Fill/Seal System prevents product from dumping and machine from sealing so the pouch can be reused
  • Small Rotary Footprint
Easy to Operate
  • Preprogram all recipes and SKU's
  • Changeover and Troubleshooting via Touchscreen
  • Training and Maintenance available before, during and after installation
  • Over $3 Million in Spare Parts
  • Online Diagnostics and Reporting
  • Troubleshoot with our techs via Facetime
premade pouch


Get the specifications for the psg lee

PSG LEE Duplex Complete, Turn-Key System!

10 Station Simplex

Corner Fitment Pouch

PSG LEE with Automated Scoop Inserter

PSG LEE RD-318 Duplex w/ Integrated Bowl Feeding

What products can the PSG LEE Fill?

PSG LEE Filling Wrapped Candy

PSG Lee Simplex Running Granola

PSG Lee with Checkweighing and X-Ray for Powders

PSG LEE Duplex with 2 Part Fill (Rice and Liquid)

PSG LEE Side Gusset (RG-108)


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