Radpak: Vertical Form Fill-Seal Machine

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We offer a wide range of Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines. Models are dependent on speed, bag size and bag type required. The packaging process is fully automated and consists of forming a pouch from film which is sealed and closed after product is discharged. We offer the capability of making and filling a variety of pouch styles including pillow pouch, flat bottom, side gusset, stand-up with or without zipper and many more!

  • Complete line design & integration
  • Allen Bradley PLC on 10” Swing Arm Panel
  • Automatic film unwinding system with patented break control
  • Film ending alarm
  • Pneumatic shaft for easy film loading
  • Automatic film centering
  • Film quick connecting system
  • Self-diagnostic system with alarms
  • Tools free adjustment
vertical form fill seal

Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine



  • Heat-stabile sealing jaws for PP, laminate film
  • Two side belts for film transport
  • 1 forming tube for Stand Up pouches included
  • Allen Bradley PLC
  • Touch screen 10” equipped with auto-diagnostic with alarms for operator
  • SICK photocell with microprocessor, for fast learning of marker color contrast
  • Encoder which reads film length without print mark
  • Pneumatic equipment FESTO, SMC, 12 [mm] connection
  • Automatic film tracking on the forming tube collar – system equipped with 2 SICK photocells and AC micro-step drive
  • Fast film connecting system during film change
  • SEW AC drives
  • Automatic film unwinding system with stretching bar equipped with analog sensor for constant film tension
  • Full plexi doors with safety switches
  • Ethernet connection
  • Short outtake conveyor under sealing jaws
  • Pneumatic mounting shaft for reel change – easy tools free
  • Outtake conveyor RC-30

Examples of suitablity of products

  • Food loose
  • Fresh products
  • Granulates
  • Sweets
  • PET food
  • Cookies
  • Coated nuts
  • Vegetables


Common Scale with interchangeable Radpak Vertical Seal Machine and PSG Lee Premade Pouch Machine

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