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Stand Up Packaging
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Stand-Up Pouch Packaging is experiencing exponential growth due to the shelf appeal and convenience. These pouches with Zippers provide an economical way to make your product easily resealable.

Stand-Up Pouches can be purchased premade to run on the PSG LEE Premade Pouch Packaging Machine or made from Rollstock on one of two machines SN: Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal or the Radpack: Vertical Form-Fill-Seal (VFFS Machine).

What is Stand-Up Pouch Packaging? A bag that uses a bottom gusset so that it will stand on its own even without content inside. With a huge variety of shapes, zippers, and materials, Stand-Up Pouch Packaging is the gold standard in the flexible packaging industry.

The other forms of resealable stand-up pouches are the Corner-Fitment and Center-Fitment pouches.

What Machine is best for your stand-up pouch packaging?

Industrial Usage
  • Nuts and Snacks
  • Personal Care Items
  • Pet Food & Treats
  • Herbs & Spices
  • Frozen/IQF Products
  • Powdered Soaps & Detergents
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Cannabis
  • Fresh Fruit & Vegetables
  • Meat & Seafood
  • Pharma
  • Candy
Equipment Options
  • Premade: PSG LEE
    • Ideal for copackers
    • Ultimate flexibility
    • Fast Changeover
    • Large range of sku's able to run on same machine
    • Most premium look
    • Smallest footprint
  • Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal: SN
    • High-speed
    • Lower material cost
    • Incredibly efficient
    • Larger capital expenditure
  • Vertical Form-Fill-Seal: Radpak
    • Lowest capital expenditure option
    • Can produce both pillow and stand-up pouches
    • Ideal for economical, lower volume operations
Pouch Options
  • Press-to-Close Zipper
  • Velcro Zipper
  • Slider Zipper
  • Valves (to allow gas discharge - e.g., kraut, kimchi or microwavable)
  • Hang hole
  • Tear notch
  • Rounded corners & shapes
  • Product window
  • Variety of finishes (e.g., gloss or matte)
  • Laser scoring
  • Recyclable / Compostable Materials
  • Bottom Gusset which allows for more volume and strong shelf presence
  • Customizable barrier - prevents oxygen transmission etc.
  • Many marketing/branding options; shapes, materials, finishes and lots of space for graphics
  • Premium, small-batch look
  • Adored by modern consumers
  • Packed at high speeds on a variety of machinery
  • Lightweight and ideal for on-the-go consumers and ecommerce.
  • Preserve the freshness of your products for consumers.
  • Increase likelihood of original package retention, keeping your brand in front of the consumer.
  • Protect against spills and contamination.


This pouch is ideal for on the go products because of its Stand Up gusset making it easy to put down, the ability to keep foods fresh, and ensuring it won't spill due to the strong, secure zipper

Numerous Zipper Options

Our Zipper Pouches come with many different options for sealing your product, these include Press-to-Close Zipper, Velcro Zipper, Slider Zipper, Valves, Hang hole, and more!

Easy to Package

Your product will never be easier to prepare to sell to the customer due to this pouch being able to stand on its own and the option to include a valve, allowing any product that needs to discharge gas to do so.

Sealed Tight

The reinforced heat-sealed laminated sides that these pouches have resulted in an incredibly high burst strength, so you can rest easy knowing that this pouch isn't going to rupture during shipping.

Stand up pouch

Stand-Up Pouch Packaging

A standing bag that uses a bottom gusset so it will stand on its own even without content inside. With a huge variety of shapes, zippers and materials, the Stand-Up Pouch is the gold standard in the flexible packaging industry.

K-Flex has the machine for your stand-up pouch packaging needs.

The PSG LEE Premade Pouch machine is an excellent option for certain Stand-Up Pouch Packaging. Reach out to let K-Flex help discover how this packaging machine's flexibility and high speeds result in greater efficiency. This machine uses premade pouches allowing for the most supreme quality in your finished pouch look. The flexibility of this machine is astounding with the touchscreen providing quick, easy changeover.

The SN: Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal machine is the way to go when you’re looking for a machine for your product. This machine is well-suited for both smaller and larger portions and sizes. SN is the global leader in Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal (HFFS) technology that specializes in high-speed production with guaranteed efficiencies. You can either use premade pouches on rails, or rollstock to form the pouches. SN provides a premium, customized packaging solution for any speed in every industry that looks to use Stand-Up Pouch Packaging.

Vertical Form-Fill-Seal (VFFS) machines are also a great solution when looking to fill Stand-Up Pouch Packaging. The model that is right for you depends on the size of your pouch and the output speed required for your highest ROI. This machine's process forms a pouch from a film which is sealed and closed after the product fills the pouch.

Compatible Packaging Systems

premade pouch

PSG LEE: PREMADE POUCH Packaging Machine

The PSG LEE Premade Pouch machine is ideal for copackers and any company looking for production flexibility with high speeds and efficiencies. Using premade pouches allows for the most premium quality in finished pouch look while giving you the maximum amount of flexibility (changeover via touchscreen in minutes).

  • Quick Pouch Changeover In Minutes Via Touchscreen
  • No Fill / No Seal Pouch Return System
  • 9 Patents Including Diving Mechanical Zipper Opening and Changeover & Troubleshooting via Touchscreen
  • Simplex / Duplex / Quadro Models Available (30-200 Pouches Per Minute)
  • Options Include: Gas Flush, Dust Extraction, Product Settling, Scoop Insertion and Desiccant Insertion
  • Compact Footprint / Rotary Design
  • Easy to Operate / User Friendly Touchscreen
  • Washdown Models Available
  • Can Easily Be Integrated with New or Existing Filler
  • Can Run a Variety of Premade Pouches Including: Stand-Up with or Without Zipper, Corner Fitment, Side Gusset and Three Side Seal


SN is the global leader in Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal (HFFS) technology that specializes in high-speed production with guaranteed efficiencies. This HFFS machine uses rollstock to form stand-up pouches with or without fitments and zippers. SN provides a premium, customized packaging solution for any speed and every industry.

  • Size: 1.5” - 15” width
  • Weight: 0.5 oz to 5 lb
  • Speeds: up to 600 pouches per minute
  • Rapid changeover using patented EZ Change™ Cassettes
  • Servo Film drives to minimize material stretch and maximize film control (lighter gauge film capability)
  • SIMPLEX, DUPLEX, TRIPLEX™, QUADRO ™ and QUINTA models available
  • Compact footprint and Rotary design
  • Double bag clamps and Twin pouch grippers for positive pouch control
  • Patented ServoSmart™ Technology
  • Our DuoSmart™ secondary roll for registration control
  • AdjustSmart™ for fast on-the-go adjustments
  • WebSmart™ for film feed control
  • WeighSmart™ turret and scale communication system
  • ZiPunch™ patented zipper system for removal of excess zipper
  • Patented Dual Compartment Smart Technology
  • Membrane
  • Frangible Seal
  • Can be used with one or two rolls of material
  • Integrated with an Auger, Pump or Combination Scale
  • In-house ISO-9001 manufacturing plant (ensures accurate, timely component supply and quality)
SN Horizontal form-fill sealing
Stickpack / Sachet Machine

RADPAK: VERTICAL FORM FILL-SEAL Packaging Machine (VFFS machine)

We offer a wide range of Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Baggers. Models are dependent on speed, bag size and bag type required. The packaging process is fully automated and consists of forming a pouch from film which is sealed and closed after the product is discharged. We offer the capability of making and filling a variety of pouch styles including pillow pouch, flat bottom, side gusset, stand-up with or without zipper and many more!

  • Complete line design & integration
  • Allen Bradley PLC on 10” Swing Arm Panel
  • Automatic film unwinding system with patented break control
  • Film ending alarm
  • Pneumatic shaft for easy film loading
  • Automatic film centering
  • Film quick connecting system
  • Self-diagnostic system with alarms
  • Tool free adjustment