End-of-Line Case Packaging Systems

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Radpak provides a wide range of end-of-line packaging machines, in order to efficiently handle your packaging needs and requirements. With a variety of traditional side load case packers, top load case packers and robotic case packing installations, Radpak continues to maintain leadership in the end-of-line packaging equipment industry. Radpak Top Load Case Packers are a good alternative to your manual packing operations, while the Side Load Case Packers provide a high performance in the end-of-line case packaging market.

Case Erectors / Case Sealers

The End-of-Line Packaging Machine Case Erectors use flat, pre-glued cases, which are erected and sealed by tape at the bottom. Radpak offers various semi or fully automatic loading devices, in order to create complete End-of-Line packaging solutions.

Tray Formers

Tray Formers make trays or top loading cartons from blanks. Trays can either be glued or folded. Radpak provides a wide range of semi or fully automatic loading devices, in order to create complete End-of-Line systems for the packaging market.

End-of-Line Case Packers

Radpak End-of-Line Case Packers can form cases from a wide range of blanks. Our side load case packers can make the following cases:

  • Wrap Around
  • Trays
  • Trays & Hood

Side Load or Top Load Case Packers can be integrated with different types of grouping or loading devices, such as servo tracks, industrial robots and/or Radpak servo manipulators.

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