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Who doesn’t love a good pasta or a side of fried rice with their dinner? Packaged rice, pasta, and bean products have gained popularity on the market. Gluten-free pasta has shown a fast-growing market, rise in sales, production capability, production quality, and a rise in the annual growth rate. The U.S. is the global leader in the dried beans in the bean industry. 1.7 million acres are used for the farming of the beans, and 20% is shipped out internationally. Terminated Side Gusset pouch, Quad Seal pouch (Stabilo Bag), Pillow pouch are the best options for packaging pasta, rice, and beans that K-Flex has to offer.

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Shelf Presence

When you go shopping, how do you decide which brand to get? Do you go with what you usually get? Something you’ve seen off a commercial? Or would you choose the product that catches your eye first? Most customers do just that: they grab the product that first catches their attention and looks the best. Then they read the facts and nutritional information before deciding whether to purchase.

K-Flex’s packaging machines not only provide the option to make your products stand out visually, but they also ensure that the products stay fresh to ensure longer shelf life. With a longer shelf life, your product will not have to get thrown out and taken to a waste dump.

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There are a number of trends circling through the industry with paste, rice, and bean packaging. Rice and beans can be put in various size packages and often are seen in the pillow pouch format. Pasta is usually in a variety of packages, though traditionally preferred to be placed into two layers of OPP films or resealable packaging. Listed below are a few options to consider when packaging rice, pasta, or bean products. 

  • Stand Up Zipper Pouch
  • Tray and Cups 
  • Terminated Side Gusset Pouch
  • Pillow Pouch
  • Quad Seal Pouch / Stabilo Bag
  • Corner-Fitment Stand-Up pouches 

Some of the most iconic packaged pasta has to be spaghetti noodles, macaroni, rotini, and other types of noodles. Typically spaghetti noodles are packaged into boxes, but it is common for them to be packaged into pillow pouches as well. Rice and beans are also most commonly packaged into pillow pouches. However, any of these three types of products could be packaged into cups or trays used just as single servings for a quick meal.

Industry Facts

    • Beans provide minerals such as iron, potassium, selenium, magnesium, and calcium.


    • The healthiest type of rice is Jollof rice from West Africa.


    • The most nutritious kinds of beans are winged beans, hyacinth beans, and french beans.


    • Quad-seal pouches have a simple design making them easy to package into confine into a neat, uniform box for storage.


    • Quad-seal pouches can be as big as 16.5 lb. or 33 lb.


Types of Fresh Pasta, Rice, & Beans Packaging Machine Solutions

The Terminated Side Gusset pouch goes through the PSG LEE: Premade pouch packaging machine or the SN: Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal packaging equipment.

The Premade Pouch machine is primarily for high speeds and efficiencies, which is ideal for co-packers and any company looking for production output. The Horizontal Form-Fill-seal machine also specializes in high-speed production as well as efficiencies. The HFFS uses roll stock to form stand-up pouches with or without fitments and zippers.

The Quad-Seal pouch (Stabilo Bag) is filled by the Premade pouch packaging machine and the RADPAK: Vertical Form-Fill-Seal packaging machine. Each packaging machine comes with its own unique settings and structures.

When it comes to packaging, K-Flex offers top-of-the-line packaging options with top-of-the-line machines to provide for those filling needs.