Covid-19 Update From K-Flex Packaging Systems


Our Covid 19 Update

Covid 19 has impacted businesses and families of all sizes. As a country, we are faced with a pivotal challenge on how to move forward with our lives, let alone our business. Acknowledging that there are inevitable changes to come, which will permanently alter the way we live and do business, is the first step in moving forward.

Manufacturers were hit in an unexpected way; demand of consumer-packaged goods (CPG) has dramatically increased as the workforce has all but vanished. Our world is depending on manufacturers to continue to produce the products we depend every day. Adapting to these unprecedented changes, finding new and innovative technology, and optimizing a smaller employee pool, will be required for CPG manufacturers to continue to see the success and profitability.

People produced goods will be increasingly difficult as social distancing and employee safety measures put additional pressures on employers. With more pressure to reduce the amount of people needed to produce and lower operational costs, efficient and high-speed packaging automation will be a key component in the effort to revive domestic manufacturing.

K-Flex Packaging Systems is here to support our customers during this global crisis, Covid-19. We are a family business and our thoughts are with you and your families during this unprecedented time. We would love to hear from you to understand what success’s and opportunities you have experienced in this very new world we are all living in. Please ask us about our limited remaining inventory machines so we can help you improve your production and adapt to a new era of manufacturing during a time of increased demand.