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Ultimate Flexibility
  • Tray Sealing capabilities include sealing only, gas flushing, vacuum and SKIN options (with compatible sealing materials for this particular effect).
  • Suitable for the packaging of any food products that need protective atmosphere (MAP)
  • Maximum Flexibility; designed for rapid changeover, with quick and easy changeover allows multiple packaging formats on one machine for maximum performance.
Highly Efficient
  • Easy set-up and operation for maximum operator productivity.
  • The Tray Sealing machine has a simple design that provides easy access for maintenance.
  • Guaranteed sealing pressure and temperature on all the edges of the trays.
  • Heavy duty construction for durability and long life cycle.
  • Output: 8-15 cycles / min. in simple sealing and 4-8 cycles / min. in MAP or SKIN (with compatible sealing materials for this particular effect).
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Easy to Operate
  • Alarms for diagnostic process with graphical indication of the intervention point.
  • Open area for perfect Human machine interface and operation.
  • Construction in stainless steel and aluminum with special anticorrosion treatment to provide maximum life time, the highest level of ergonomics and sanitation (IP65).
  • Latest innovations in engineering technology, hygiene concepts and finite control over important packaging system parameters.
  • Quick and easy mold changeover
More Info

The CA.VE.CO Tray sealing machines are able to work in both a normal sealing setting and with vacuum or with a modified sealing atmosphere. With a mold specifically designed, they are able to work with the SKIN effect (with compatible sealing materials for this particular desired effect). without issue.  With the CA.VE.CO Tray Sealing machine comes with our well-known and most desired hydraulic movement, which has been the pride of a CA.VE.CO, which guarantees very high accuracy and synchronization of movement, or with the classic pneumatic handling of the sealing mold, to once again guarantee very high accuracy and synchronization of movement for all of our machinery.

The Tray Sealing machines are enhanced by the choice to manage all the movements of the jaws with brushless systems, capable, thanks to the electronic control of motors, to make each moving as stress-free and easy as possible for the product to be packaged and for the machine itself allowing for the machine to handle more material and product with ease.

It also allows for the packaging and sealing of any product in pre-formed trays by means of sealing and vacuum and/or modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and Skin Operations (with compatible sealing materials for this particular desired effect).

The new look of the machines, the highest level of ergonomics and sanitation (IP65), the total accessibility from both sides, the tool exchange that takes place without using tools in a few minutes with great ease, the materials used in manufacturing, the touch control panels, which guide the operator in a more intuitive way, and bring the CA.VE.CO tray sealing machine to the highest level of reliability and easy use for any operator.

The CA.VE.CO tray sealing machine also comes with a complete range of dosing and depositing systems, Snap-On machines and over two hundred options, able to answer all customer needs and continuous development of solutions for specific needs, allowing the creation of complete lines, according to the size of trays to be sealed and the product’s features, able to reach over 200 pieces per minute. This machine is great for all your pre-made tray sealing needs and everything else in between.

Tray Sealing


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Filling & sealing in MAP

Packaging of mussels


Packaging of fruit

Packaging line for ready meals in preformed trays

Complete line for filling and packing sauces

Artichokes with brine liquids in preformed trays

Packaging line for Ready Meals

Packaging line for olive product

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