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The medical industry is continuing to grow and develop each year, innovating and constantly changing inpatient care. Medical testing kits and other devices have a wide variety of and range of packaging options. From flexible and porous to non-porous and a thicker rigid packaging container. Each packaging type depends on the use and type of kit that is being produced for clinical use and the public. Health and safety is the biggest precaution when practicing medicine, and medical supplies can only provide that safety with proper packaging and sterilization. Manufacturers are constantly having to change and address changes in packaging designs with the higher demand for non-reactive, tamper-proof, and sterile packaging. Trays, cups, and sachet/ stick packs are the best ways possible to contain your medical testing kit needs. K-Flex has the best machines and solutions for packaging to keep your products sterile, safe, and uncontaminated.

Machines for Medical Testing Kits packing

Medical kitting is packaging individual medical devices, equipment, tools, and other medical items and packaging them together.

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Trending Medical Testing Kits Packaging Styles

Packaging options such as trays, cups, pouches, stickpacks, and sachets are being produced and demanded more and developing trends. Trays offer products to be served easier and make it easier to distribute more, while cups can store medicinal liquids or powder solutions. stick pack/ sachet makes it easy to package supplies like syringes, and other disposable supplies. Pouches are widely used for small to semi-soft medical goods, mostly sold in unit quantities, and are not vulnerable to damage during shipping and from storage. Pouches are manufactured from laminated paper with polyfill layers, these features are best for sterilization and protection from contamination. The growth in the demand for pouches and other packaging options are expected to continue and expected to result in expanding applications such as small packaging to medium packaging

Trending Medical Testing Kits Packaging Styles

  • Stickpack or Sachet.
    This packaging option is one of the best overall options for packaging parts of the medical testing kits. Stickpacks and sachets are great options for individual sealing kit items such as swabs, tweezers, and other similar-shaped items.


  • Pillow pouch.
    A pillow pouch packaging style is another great option for medical kit packaging. Pillow pouches may be used to fully packaging a whole kit or to be used for individual piece packing for the kit. Being used for items such as gauze, alcohol preps, scissors, and more.


  • Tray & Cup.
    The packaging option of tray and cups can be used to fully package a complete medical kit and the pieces as well. Such items that may be packaged with these options can include needles, syringes, IV tubing, and more.


  • Stand-up Zipper Pouch.
    The Stand-Up Zipper Pouch is another option for a full packaging option. Stand-up zipper pouches come in various sizes and may be used to fully packaging a medical kit by piece or as a whole collection kit.

Types of Medical Testing Kits Packaging Machine Solutions

Choosing the right machine depends on the type of medical kit that is being packaged. The options quite range although the most favorite option is an automatic Premade Pouch Packaging Machine. This particular type of packaging equipment can handle a simple kit up to a more complex multi-component requirement. A Premade Pouch Packaging machine can efficiently and accurately automate your solutions. The premade pouch machine can use a number of packages as well, giving you a wonderful variety such as stand-up, three-sided seal, and terminated side gusset pouches.